It’s usually not too long after completing a car that the owner becomes bored and gets tired of it. People sometimes want to add to their car, while at other times they want to remove stuff. Whatever the case, car builders want to keep their cars looking better and better, and often just can’t leave well enough alone.

That was the case with Marty Felix and his ’64 Chevy Impala, “Life After Death.” Marty was changing things up even before the car was completed, and now that the car’s done, he’s back at it again. This time around, Marty went back to Jesse Marquez at Custom Lows in Riverside, California, who was going to “downsize” the hydraulics setup in the trunk to accommodate an upcoming sound system. We were informed of the redo and thought that we’d show you how Jesse resized the hydros on this classic “box” Chevy by incorporating a Black Magic Hydraulics whammy pump.