This year’s Gumout Giveaway vehicle–a very cool ’65 Chevy Impala–was another custom creation that was restored from the floor up. The exterior is a big concern for those on the outside of the ride, but what about the interior? Whether cruising with your “dogs” or your favorite honey, it’s only proper to have a tight set of threads to lounge in. Right?

With the Gumout ’65, we wanted to set up a tight interior that would be worthy of the lucky winner so we contacted Ciadella of Phoenix, Arizona, who were happy to help out with this year’s project vehicle. After receiving the trim, we took it and the car to D&D Designs of Baldwin Park, California.

As with most of our project cars, the ’65 had to be built at a fast pace, and we wanted it done right the first time. Check out how Danny of D&D Designs rebuilt the old interior, leaving it immaculate and ready for show.