Operation Freedom began and so did the trek for many of Lowrider Magazine’s readers who were recently (or still are) serving overseas. Many of these brave men and women in our country’s armed forces have been able to get their hands on the latest issues of Lowrider and have noticed that in just about every one, there has been letters published in the “Forum” section that have come from Iraq or the surrounding Middle Eastern countries. Letters have come into the Lowrider offices via postal mail and e-mail and most have been accompanied with photos taken out there on location!

The following pictures are a collection of photos we have received from you in the US Military from our July ’05 issue to our current issue. This is just another way of acknowledging that Lowrider supports you! By the way, Ms. Black-Op from Oceanside, California also sent in some photos to show her appreciation to the troops. Can you spot her in these photos? Well until next time, be safe out there and make sure to return home safely!