On the weekends you may find our featured guest rollin’ low and slow in his 1949 Chevy DeLuxe, but on any other given day you may just find him in a River Rescue Boat, fire truck, or maybe even a big rig. As a double propane fuel tanker puller by trade, his primary occupation takes this devoted family man all across the vast land, but with one phone call he’ll be on the scene aiding those in need.

You see, for the past two decades, this lowrider enthusiast has also served as a 24-hour on-call volunteer fireman. Born and raised in Sacramento County in the area known as the River Delta, he was raised by a hard-working father who was a field worker by trade. During his childhood, his father taught him that you have to earn your way through life and that life would give back to you what you put in. So much like his father, he took the values that were instilled in him at a young age and set out to make a mark of his own.

Cruising around to the beat of a different drum, his love for lowriding and giving back to the community is something his father taught him. And as he carries his family’s legacy and the continued support of his wife and three boys, he also carries with him the virtues of giving back and maximizing the time he has on this earth. As if he weren’t already an active community member, this special guest is also a Rotary Club member who shares his experiences, and whatever idle time he finds is spent as a loyal member of the Classic Dreams Car Club.