Las Vegas, NV – 10.10.2004
The grand finale had finally come last October at the Cashman Field Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This was the Super Show where the best of the best were on display for all competitors to face off, either on the showroom floor or in the altitude-defying hydraulic pit. This event broke all records having over 700 cars on display and close to 15,000 people in attendance. The crowd went wild during the World Championship Hydraulic Competition as competitors flipped their cars and trucks over or made them stand on rear back bumpers! The show ended with the always crowd-pleasing bikini contest where the babes had to do the right moves to win the loot!

Cars hoppin’, car parts flyin’.

See this crazy car dancer go out of control!

A look at the best of the best in hydro action!

Curvaceous bodies and sexy hotties…

These cuties know how to show skin to win!

Check out these 1st-Place trophy-taking rides!