An Inside Look At The Auto Meter Manufacturing Facility

Dialed in

A few months back Lowrider was invited to take a special tour of Auto Meter Products, and it was nothing short of incredible. Taken back by the invitation, it was unreal, to say the least. To walk the grounds of their nearly 100,000-square-foot facility was truly an honor—and exhausting both mentally and physically.

Walking the facility gave us a firsthand glimpse into manufacturing excellence. From one manufacturing cell to the next, we got to experience how their products come to life. At one station we’d watch as each gauge face was screened by hand, and at another circuit boards were being dropped in, utilizing a laser-guided automation system. To be honest it was hard to focus on any single machine because off in the short distance was yet another machine doing a completely different job.

By now, the Auto Meter brand has become a household name for custom car builders, which should come as no surprise. The undisputed leader for instrumentation for motorsports and custom builds, Auto Meter’s top shelf instrumentation solutions have been the answer to our problems and the key ingredients to creating a fashionable yet functional gauge cluster.

But their high standards in design and manufacturing are a necessity not an option. As an ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified manufacturer, Auto Meter meets one of the most stringent standards for manufacturing excellence in the world. In fact, Auto Meter is the only ISO/TS certified manufacturer of the micro air core that drives gauges anywhere in the U.S. This allows them to be a first tier supplier to the major automakers and many other high-tech OEM customers.

It is Auto Meter’s innate ability to create stunning gauges that perform as well as they look. The aesthetics of their gauges easily decimate the competition and their attention to detail is what gives period-correct feelings, depending on which line you choose. Every unit built at the Auto Meter facility is constructed to their highest standards and assembled by skilled technicians in the heart of downtown Sycamore, Illinois. Throw in their legendary commitment to customer satisfaction (and their outstanding warranty) and what you have are all the main ingredients for one sweet dash.

From their custom-wound meter movements to the unrivaled precision of their sending units, Auto Meter is simply the best. During our exclusive tour, we walked aisle after aisle and as we made our way through each and every department we were impressed by their capabilities as well as their in-house product validation testing facilities.

As our tour continued we were soon acquainted with their “Custom Shop,” which is located inside their facility. This special division is dedicated to custom commissions that are done by personal request. The development of this division is their answer to increased requests to create “one-off” gauges and custom gauge clusters. But don’t think for one minute that they’re not tuned in with the car culture; Auto Meter gets it-and they get it in a big way. From engraving to ‘striping, murals to custom paint, their “Custom Shop” can provide everything you need to get your own personalized gauge creations. They can break down the desired gauges of your choice, send them over to you for your own choice of customization, you return the parts when ready for precise assembly, and Auto Meter ships them right back so that you can have your own exclusive dash dialed in. Remember, nothing can complete an interior like the right set of quality instrument gauges. Now, let’s get back to the tour…