If you’ve ever witnessed a gas hop it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen but take a ride as a passenger while it’s in motion and it’s an experience that you won’t ever forget. Gas hopping (minus the sounds) looks graceful and fun from the outside, but what you experience from the inside is nothing but pure violence. In short, it’s a brain rattling, spine crushing hobby that’s best left for those with big cojones.

As you reach maximum altitude on a gas hop, you’re literally driving blind for a second or two, but what if that front end never touched ground and the rear followed suit? Well that’s kinda what happened on an episode of Top Gear when they tested out the SkyRunner—an FAA certified special light-sport aircraft that looks like an ATV, but it’s not.

In what seems to be a weekend ritual, I binge watched a few episodes of Top Gear and that one in particular had me tripping out. For starters, I probably couldn’t fit in the damn thing, but even if I could I doubt I’d ever try to take flight. As it is, gas hopping is something I’d rather not indulge in, and while I respect the skill, I know for a fact that it’s something best left for a younger crowd and adrenaline junkies. To be honest, I’ve had my fair share of hospital visits but never for a spinal injury for hopping a lowrider and I’d like to keep it that way because frankly I am too old for this.

In all, this was yet another random thought that came from watching Top Gear so as always I encourage you all to stimulate your brains and think out of the box because while it’s quite unlikely we’ll ever see a flying lowrider, I’m sure there are some of you UTV freaks that wouldn’t mind taking this thing for a short flight that no one will ever forget. Reserved for those who want to live their childhood dream of flying in the air like ET or peter pan.

On another episode, the boys visited Cuba to check out the classic car scene and their love for quarter mile racing. It was a trip to see car culture from across the world and how much it differs from the States.

The enthusiasm and camaraderie found in the Cuban car community made for a great episode and it makes you appreciate car culture in its simplest form. The cars they had were tame in comparison to what we see here in the States, and while we’re getting accustomed to seeing six and even seven figure builds, Cuba has a handful of players tht put in what they can but their enthusiasm and camaraderie is just as strong and I respect that big time.

Shoot on over to motortrendondemand.com to watch a few episodes