A few months back we were in Arizona to kick off the 2019 Tour Stop and during our downtime we stopped by Ciadella Interiors. Family owned and operated, Ciadella is best known for their artisanal interiors best recognized by their use of high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and stitching that is unparalleled. In years past, their work has graced dozens of magazine cover cars and their roster of clientele includes many award-winning cars that have graced the center stage of shows and studios throughout the world.

Inside their warehouse the first thing that catches your eye are the thousands of rolls of fabrics, but they’re not just any fabric. In fact, many of these materials are nostalgic rolls of history containing the patterns and materials that are period correct for 1949-1965 Chevrolets.

Inside, the camaraderie is strong, which is all thanks to a close-knit crew who considers each member a part of the family. But these aren’t your average interior enthusiasts. The Ciadella family takes great pride in preserving the purity of yesterday and the staff is home to the same highly trained classic Chevrolet cutters, sewers, door panel experts, and carpet craftsmen who have worked with Ciadella for over 25 years. The proof is in their work as they aim to share their passion by delivering the highest quality work backed by speedy turnaround times and affordable prices.

With a goal to be your lifelong source for classic Chevrolet interiors, they provide everything from mild to wild, so regardless of whether you’re building a custom classic or doing a period-correct restoration, they’ve got you covered—literally. So, enjoy the pics and take a walk with us down memory lane because it just doesn’t get any better than this.