We took a trip up to Vancouver, Washington to visit Chev’s of the 40’s Ron Wade, and what we found is more than we had ever imagined. As the world’s leading supplier of vintage parts, his inventory of Chevrolet car and truck parts is astonishing, but what’s even more interesting is the story of how he began.

Over the course of decades, Ron has always been passionate about vintage Chevrolets. He’s owned trucks, sedans and just about everything under the moon and in the course of collecting parts, he amassed such a huge inventory that it was only proper to turn his passion into profit.

chevs of the 40s front desk

Since then, he’s amassed the largest collection of parts and his place is packed aisle to aisles with rare and hard to find parts. But along with his extensive collection of parts, is a vast knowledge and history of everything available for classic Chevrolets – and this is all knowledge that he’s acquired as the builder of many of his own custom rods. That winning combination, along with an equally knowledgeable staff, makes his business an authority and a much-needed asset for those who collect, restore and customize classic Chevrolet cars and trucks.

Once a hidden gem for locals of Washington, his business, which he calls “Chevs of the 40’s”, is now a global entity for classic Chevy lovers — all in thanks to the Internet. With a full-blown site that documents many of his parts, his site has become a portal of information thanks to the forum section. In that section, classic car lovers trade information, education and entertainment.

But visiting this shop is more like stepping into an informal museum. Complete with parts on deck, he walked the aisles with the knowledge of a mainframe computer as we took witness to this “holy grail” of parts that was nothing short of mesmerizing.

chevs of the 40s shop space

We’d like to thank Ron for granting us the time to visit his shop and it’s always great to get a little more education and know-how from a man who’s been there and done that. For more of this Shop Stop & Tour, please visit online at www.chevsofthe40s.com.