When we first saw the Chevrolet SSR truck hit the circuit, the idea of a lowrider was running through our minds. The new trend is the SUVs and full-size trucks wearing 18 to 16-inch wheels for a Lowrider look. Why not, lowriders like em’ and so does Lowrider Magazine they are published in the magazine all the time. But, we here at LRB we decided to keep the old school look of the ’70s and give this little truck a run for it’s money. With the Cactus Classic Victorville Show coming on November 21, 2004. We told ourselves “self, let’s go for it.” So we are going to build an SSR Lowrider for the Victorville, competiton.

When the kit arrived at our office, we opened the box and looked over the contents, there was over 100 pieces nicely packed in plastic just itching to be torn open. The first thing was to get a quick glimpse at what the truck would look like as a lowrider. We had a set of Pegasus wire wheels #1113 Chrome Deep Dz’s with whitewall tires on hand, so we gave the truck a quick paint job with some Testors bright blue paint, let it dry and then taped the lower body panels and the rear bumper to the body, set up the tires and placed it on top. Well needless to say, it looked SICK! The next thing was to add something to it, every Lowrider has to have an addition on it. Looking at the truck, it kind of looks like an old ’50s style ride, so we decided to add a set of running boards to it. It looked good, but it needed something else, something small? We thought that a cooler was one of the main parts for a ’50’s truck, but the new SSR has air conditioning already. Rabbit ears were a little much and the TV antenna was out of the question, after a while we remembered the best thing to do was to add a “visor,” small enough and yet it added to the style.

The running boards and the visor were cut to fit then sanded smooth. All of the excess plastic was removed from all the parts and any deep cuts were filled .The rest of the car was also ready, so off to the break room we went. Laying some paper down over the table, we finished sanding the parts that were to be painted. Everything was sanded smooth and then it was taken to the experts at the Drag-N-Shop in Santa Fe Springs, California. A quick inspection by all the guys and it was on it’s way to the back yard spray booth.

The new look of the SSR will come next week, we’ll show you the new color and what it looks like sitting on the new 520 tires. So come back next week and check out the progress as Revells SSR gets ready for the Victorville Show.