Pictures courtesy of Top Gear and Pagani

Watching Top Gear makes a few things clear. For starters, they feature cars most of us can only dream of owning, and second it becomes quite obvious that carbon fiber is a material of choice in both luxury and exotic cars. You see it being used heavily as accent trim in both BMW and Bentley and when it comes to the multi-million dollar super cars like the Bugatti Chiron, well they’re not only making full carbon fiber dashboards, but carbon fiber frames and bodies as well.

So that got me wondering why we as lowriders haven’t started incorporating the use of carbon fiber. Seriously folks, what if we were to use carbon fiber that was finished off in candy paint. We could use them as accent pieces on our interiors, as battery trays for the trunk and the possibilities are endless. It’s something that I’ve been contemplating for quite some time and if you look at the picture above, it would be pretty wild to see a carbon fiber bodied hopper or lowrider, and just think what it could do for a hopper? The weight savings would surely add inches to you hop, but of course it would also probably take a second mortgage to get it done right. But there’s no harm in dreaming!

Watching Top Gear also lets you explore the design cues being used inside their feature cars. Take the Bugatti dashboard as an example. Its minimal design breathes elegance but leaves plenty to be curious about and the layout is outrageous.

I mean seriously, look at how it all flows together. Now imagine incorporating a center console into our lowriders that featured gauges showing the pressure of each pump. Or maybe the gauges could monitor battery voltage and discharge rates? Now I know we’ve gone centuries without using that kind of technology in lowriding—and it might be downright unnecessary—but there’s no denying that extra gauges in an elegantly crafted dashboard would make cruising that much more entertaining and modern.

In closing, I hope everyone is starting the week off great and if you want to be entertained then sign up to watch Top Gear because the production values of their shows are unmatched and some episodes make you feel like you’re watching snippets of James Bond or Narcos. Till next time, keep your fluids fresh, your chrome polished and your batteries charged.