Need a beater that’s cooler than your old pair of Fubu shoes? Well look no further than the 2016 Scion iM hatchback. This latest entry from Scion packs plenty of bonus points when it comes to styling while offering maximum versatility, at a price that comes with plenty of premium features.


Aside from a suspension that can hold its own, the Scion iM boast an interior space which is warm and inviting. During a recent review by the staff at Motor Trend, they described the interior arrangement as a two-tier dash which sticks close to the Toyota formula, but it also includes “soft-touch materials and piano black and leather accents” thus giving it a “a certain Lexus-like zest — a very good thing.” In their review, they also mention that the “”Bluetooth takes just seconds to set up, and the speakers’ sound quality rivals that of some premium European cars.” Not a bad compliment at all, considering that the staff at MT provide some of the world’s most notable reviews and awards.


But don’t get it twisted thinking that this car is purpose built for students, because it’s not. The car was built with quality in mind and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to stay under the radar, all the while saving a considerable amount of money each month.

The bottom line, nowadays, money has no face and no distinct look.  Our daily drivers don’t’ define us, and when you really consider the reality of life, then you’ll understand that there’s really no need to showboat just to get to work. Right?

So if you’re looking for a good looking, get around ride that’s affordable, dependable, and doesn’t scream “green” as much as a Prius, then take a look into the Scion iM.  It definitely won’t disappoint.


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