Sometimes with great tragedy come great things. Or at least that’s what Jason Awarado of Houston, Texas, would like to think. Back in the day, Jason was bombing around the streets of H-town in a blue Honda S2000 with a body kit, and was happier than the author when he found out that Britney Spears was single again. Anyway, as he was driving through town thinking about whatever was on his mind that day, a school bus came out of nowhere and plowed into his left quarter panel. At first it looked bad, real bad. Then Jason decided to step things up a notch. He could rebuild it. The car could be made faster, better and stronger.

Jason took apart the car and rebuilt it. The motor was built up and detailed with lots of chrome accessories. The suspension was beefed up with Comptech coil-overs. Then, of course, came the most obvious mod, the amazing House of Kolor lime gold candy paint job with planet green basecoat. Nothing says sexy more than this color. It packs a punch at every show that Jason goes to. The interior and trunk are also painted to match, and with a candy like this, that’s no easy feat!

If that school bus hadn’t taken a bite out of Jason’s quarter panel, you wouldn’t be looking at these pics today. Weird how things work, isn’t it?

Owner: Jason Awarado
Vehicle: 2000 Honda S2000
City/State: Houston, Texas
Club: Street Demons

The stock 2.0-liter Honda motor was augmented by AEM cold air intake and Apex exhaust, and powered by an Optima battery. The engine was also dressed up with tons of chrome plating by Airline Plating.

To get the car down to a decent stance, as well as handle like it’s on rails, Jason had Joe’s Automotive bolt up a set of Comptech coil-overs.

Since this is a convertible, the interior gets as much attention as the exterior. That being the case, Jason went all out and had the interior smoothed, fiberglassed and painted to match the exterior of the car. Then he added some custom inserts, AutoMeter gauges, Trenz billet rear view mirror and some Corbeau seatbelts to spice it up.

Rims & Rubber:
The Antera wheels are 18x8s up front, and 18x10s in the rear, mated with P215/35-ZR18 and P265/35-ZR18 Falken tires, respectively.

Paint & Body Mods:
Let’s start with the obvious; there’s the Veilside body kit and VIS carbon fiber hood, but all that is shown up by the killer House of Kolor candy lime gold paint job with the planet green basecoat. Alex Tamez and Joe’s Automotive laid down the paint flawlessly, and Redline Graphics did the various pieces on the car.

You’d think that with a convertible there’s not a lot of room for a bumpin’ system. Pop the trunk on this baby and you’ll be sorely mistaken. The 10-inch JL W7 is mounted in a custom fiberglass enclosure that takes over the trunk. A piece of clear Plexiglas flows over the sub for a cool effect. The sub is powered by a Memphis 100D. MB Quart mids and highs were used throughout, and the system is played via the Pioneer 7400 in dash unit.