Alfonso started lowriding at the young age of 8 with his neighborhood buddy, Jose Pena, from Touch of Class Car Club in Southern California. Alfonso would help him out, working on Jose’s ’90 Lincoln Town Car and, in return, Jose would take Alfonso to the car shows. Jose’s positive influence made a lifelong impression on Alfonso and the lowriding lifestyle stayed with him from adolescence through adulthood.

006 1999 lincoln town car trunk lid

Alfonso recalls his first official ride was the lowriding bicycle his mom gave him as a gift. He started taking it to the car shows with Jose and that’s when he started to realize that he wanted to do more, and with that came the need for money. As soon as Alfonso was old enough to work, he started to paint houses. With each dollar he earned, he would set some cash aside for a car. By the time he hit 17 years of age, Alfonso had enough money for a good down payment. That Saturday following his birthday, Alfonso’s father signed the papers for his son’s first car, a gray 1999 Lincoln Town Car. Alfonso soon added his first set of 100-spoke chrome rims, Black Magic single-pump hydraulic setup, and a set of pinstripes on the outside.

008 1999 lincoln town car undercarriage

A couple years later, Alfonso met Mike Gomez from Kolor Me Krazy, and had this talented automotive painter do up a custom paintjob on the Lincoln. When Alfonso moved with his family from California to Arizona, he ended up meeting a member of the Avondale chapter of Majectics Car Club. From there, Alfonso not only joined the club, but he was also introduced to some custom builders from the area. With one customization after another on his Town Car with the utmost attention and care, soon things were picking up the pace. The ride, now famously known as “Str8 Payasiando,” basically means that this Lincoln is “straight clowning” on the competition!

Alfonso gives big thanks to his wife, Yvette, for all her support, and to his friends and acquaintances whom helped build this super-custom ride.

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1999 Lincoln Town Car

Vehicle Nickname: Str8 Payasiando

Owner: Alfonso Avila

022 1999 lincoln town car avila family

City/State: Avondale, AZ

Club: Majestics Car Club

Engine: 4.6L V-8 engine with upgraded chrome accessories, custom covers, and engraving and built up by Anthony Baca of PHX Kustoms in Phoenix, AZ

Body/Paint: Kolor Me Krazy did the bodywork and custom silver paintjob with purple patterns. LG Pinstriping tackled the striping and Rick of Voodoo Works did the airbrushed murals found in and outside the vehicle. Swing Engraving in Phoenix added the elegant touches.

007 1999 lincoln town car black magic hydraulic pumps

Suspension: The two Black Magic hydraulic pumps and six Workaholic deep-cycle batteries were installed by Leonard Ruelas
Interior: The RR Design in Saticoy, CA, did up the interior with custom engraved pieces, etching, LED lighting, fiberglass, and 3-D suede pop-outs
Sound System: RR Design also handled the custom stereo installation, mostly hidden
Wheels/Tires: 72-spoke Dayton wire wheels / whitewall tires