Carlos Garcia is a solar installer in Salinas, California, who began building lowrider bikes at age 13 to stay out of trouble. “I always like bikes, but it was a friend who really influenced me into the hobby. With the help of my family and friends I started to build my bike. As the years passed, I kept getting more encouragement to raise the bar on my build.”

002 1967 schwinn bicycle airbrushed mural

Carlos bought this 1967 Schwinn frame from a friend. He got custom parts for it from Manny’s Bike Shop in Compton, California, Toy Shop Customs in Florida, and Haza Designs in Sacramento, California. He then sent it out to Milo in Gilroy, California, who sprayed candy wild cherry. Eventually he called on Freddy Alfaro or San Jose, California, for some freehand murals and Mr. Wim (also of San Jose) for some intricate leafing and striping.

003 1967 schwinn bicycle custom pedal

Jaime Castaneda of Banning, California, did all the engraving before Speedy’s Metal Finishing in Long Beach, California, dipped it all in chrome. “The most challenging part of the build for me was waiting to receive all the parts. I would get anxious waiting due to my excitement of seeing all the new parts.” The wait was worth it if for Carlos after earning his first trophy. He would like to thank his family, friends, REC, and the Elite family for everything.

004 1967 schwinn bicycle air tank