If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve had or continue to have dreams of owning your own lowrider. We have all at one time or another daydreamed about hitting switches or cruising to our favorite oldies. Lowrider dreams, however, are not easily achieved. Few know the sacrifices we make to live this lifestyle, filled with compromises, sacrifices, and, more importantly, an understanding family where wives seldom get the credit they deserve for our lowrider builds. Cesar Arias of the Majestics Car Club, together with his wife Maria, went on to build one of the most admired street-show cars in Las Vegas.

004 1967 chevrolet impala backseat

This custom show car’s many features include a custom Black Magic whammy tank hydraulic setup complete with chrome hard lines and three dumps. Other points of interest are the MTX audio subwoofers along with a fully chromed-out 350 Chevy small-block engine installed by Tracy Rodriguez of CARS automotive in Las Vegas. Rick of Pro Custom laid down the House of Kolor candy Champion Gold found throughout the vehicle, as well as undercarriage and engine compartment. With the infamous Wicho cutting, sewing, and stitching the custom peanut butter interior, OG triple gold 13-inch Dayton wire wheels installed, and a custom-engraved Majestics Car Club plaque hanging in the back window it was finally time to show the lowrider community what lowrider dreams really look like.

019 1967 chevrolet impala whammy tank

“Without the help of my fellow car club members, and more importantly Maria my wife, none of this would have been possible. I thank each and every one of you for continuously showing me support. This is for you and all the Majestics worldwide.”

Tech Specs

Vehicle: 1967 Chevy Impala

Vehicle Nickname: Desert Dreams

Owner: Cesar Arias

024 1967 chevrolet impala arias family

Car Club: Majestics C.C. Las Vegas Chapter

City: Las Vegas, NV

Engine: Fully chromed-out Chevy 350 built and installed by Tracy at CARS Automotive in Las Vegas

Upholstery: Wicho in Las Vegas stitched the custom two-toned peanut butter interior

007 1967 chevrolet impala chevy 350

Body/Paint: Rick of Pro Custom covered the car with House of Kolor Champion Gold Candy paint

Suspension: Partially reinforced frame with a Black Magic Hydraulics-built whammy tank setup

Wheels/Tires: Triple gold OG 13-inch Dayton wire wheels / radial whitewall tires

008 1967 chevrolet impala driver side profile