When you’re a kid your toughest decisions consist of what flavor ice cream to pick or which video game to play that day. For a few really cool kids their day consists of picking out what color they want their custom Sky King trike to be painted.

Samiyah “Sami” Almaraz was practically born into lowriding, so when her dad came home with a trike, she was surprised and excited. “I already knew what color I was going to paint it and what I was going to name it,” Sami says. So with a little inspiration from her dad, this three-month build was off and running.

sky king trike side view 006

With a hands-on attitude, no decision was made without Sami’s approval. “Cherry Bomb,” as it would eventually be known, started with a visit to Ronnie in Phoenix. Ronnie would lay down a custom candy blend of Wild Cherry serving as the basecoat. He would then layer it with a sequence of multiple flaked pattern combinations. Chavo was called in to complement this dazzling paintjob by adding his custom fine line pinstriping colors, consisting of various shades of Bullet Gray, Rose Red, and Gold leafing. Marinate, at Marinate Kustoms, fabricated a custom seat covered in a blend of rich dark burgundy. OG Engraving completed custom-engraved designs on the pedals, handle bars, and fender trim. Then it was off to Papago Plating and Damone Plating to complete this trike’s metalwork. “I can’t wait to display it at the next lowrider show,” Sami says. “Thank you Dad and Mom for all your help building my Cherry Bomb.”

Sky King Trike

Samiyah Almaraz

Cherry Bomb

sky king trike handlebar base 015

Phoenix, AZ

Marinate Kustoms fabricated the custom seat, which was covered in a blend of rich dark Burgundy material.

Ronnie laid down a sequence of multiple flaked patterns over a custom blend of candy Wild Cherry basecoat.

sky king trike front wheel 001