For episode 2 of Roll Models we take a look at San Diego native and Klique Car Club member, Miguel Alatorre.

Miguel dropped out of school at 16 in order to help his family. After the birth of his son, Miguel decided that he wanted to change his life, so he went back to school and enlisted in the U.S. Army and became a combat engineer.

miguel a la torre 1959 impala convertible tattoo

After serving four tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, Miguel was injured in an IED ambush and received a medical discharge from the Army. Transitioning back to civilian life was a bit tumultuous for Miguel, but he used lowriding as an outlet to help relax and adjust to life outside of the military.

miguel alatorre military service medals purple heart and bronze star tattoo

Today, Miguel works with his local chapter of VFW, helping other veterans with their transition back to civilian life as well as helping break through the stereotypes most people associate with both lowriders and veterans. Miguel is deeply involved with his family, his car club, and his community and that is why we look up to him as a LOWRIDER Roll Model.