With more and more lowriders coming out of high-end custom shops, this particular build serves as a reminder of what being and building a lowrider really is. Lowriding is about the camaraderie and relationships forged during those late nights in the garage. Unless you have built one yourself you will never know what the lowrider lifestyle entails. “You have to build your dreams,” Jose says, when asked as to why he did not have a shop build his car. He instead opted to build his car himself, in his garage, with the help of longtime friend Irvin Madrid.

A self-employed build.
A self-employed build.

With no HOA to worry about, Madrid got to work on the bodywork prepping the car for the three-stage Gold pearl found throughout the car. Chavo stopped by to add some accenting scrollwork as well as custom gold leafing. Meanwhile, Jose was busy with interior and exterior fabrications as well as the installation of a brand-new 350 small-block crate motor outfitted with chrome and billet accessories. With custom tubular suspension in place, it was time to drop in a brand-new chrome three-pump Black Magic hydraulic setup with four switches powered by six batteries activating the 8- and 12-inch cylinders. While Ben’s Custom Wheels was putting together the 13-inch, 72-spoke cross-lace wire wheels, Fernando Garcia, of Garcia’s Upholstery in Phoenix, was busy wrapping the interior with various shades of tan and Amber leather materials.

1985 oldsmobile cutlass supreme hood pinstriping 017

After long days and hot Arizona nights, this backyard lowrider build was ready to take on any competition. “A lot of people were part of this build,” Jose says, “but I would personally like to thank my family, especially my mom and daughter … and of course, Irvin Madrid for all the hard work he put into this car.”

1985 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

Hurting Feelings

Jose Trevizo Madrid

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Car Club
Unity Car Club

Phoenix, Arizona

1985 oldsmobile cutlass supreme 350 small block crate motor 022

350 small-block crate motor

Jose and Irvin Madrid molded the custom dash and bucket seats with Garcia’s Upholstery in Phoenix wrapping them in various shades of tan leathers.

Irvin Madrid sprayed the car with a three-stage Gold pearl with Chavo adding accenting scrollwork as well as gold leafing.

1985 oldsmobile cutlass supreme passenger side front view 007

Irvin Madrid and Jose installed a chromed three-pump Black Magic setup with four switches powered by six batteries activating the 8- and 12-inch cylinders.

13-inch, 72-spoke cross-lace wire wheels by Ben Custom Wheels