My Pham (My is his first name) from Seattle built Hondas in his earlier years. “My dad showed me how to work on cars when I was 15. My buddies then started bringing their cars over and I would help them work on them. I used to work on Hondas, muscle cars, basically anything I could get my hands on, but my real passion was lowriders.” His interest for lowriders started when he first saw a lowrider hitting back bumper in front of his high school. The thought of building himself a lowrider was always there but he never thought that he would be able to afford it, until a member of Eazy Duz It gave him a great deal on a ’64 that was in pieces and had no interior or motor.

Eazy Duz It Car Club "high rolling" in Vegas.
Eazy Duz It Car Club “high rolling” in Vegas.

At the time of purchasing the ’64, My and his wife Nora Yem were expecting a baby girl. “It was difficult managing my time between building a car and starting a family. For 3 and 1/2 years I would wake up early and stay up late. I had a goal to get the car done by a certain time and I made that goal.”

His daughter's name is pinstriped on the dashboard.
His daughter’s name is pinstriped on the dashboard.

When he got the Impala, it was all torn down and in pieces. With limited knowledge of classic Chevys, he used another club member’s ’64 as a reference to figure out where the pieces went. With the help from Ted, My finished up the bodywork and had Simon Chan spray a Corona Cream paint on it while Chavo from Arizona striped it. Amos Upholstery in Arizona installed the interior kit. The highlight of the ’64 is the Pesco setup that was installed by fellow club member Keo Sanh. “The ’64 had a real classy OG look, so I wanted to build the setup that would complement it,” Sanh explained. “Getting the Pesco setup working and seeing the car come together was real memorable for me but not as much as seeing how building this car brought my family and friends together,” My says.

Corona Cream paint is complemented nicely with this interior package.
Corona Cream paint is complemented nicely with this interior package.

To some, it may sound selfish that My spent so much time building a car while having a newborn. “I built it for my daughter Skyla, so that we can build memories of the two of us cruising in the car. I added her name to the dash of the car so that she can always be by my side while cruising.” This was his first lowrider build but not his last one. “I feel that now I can build one better than this one and I’m planning on building many more lowriders throughout my lifetime.”

1964 Chevy Impala

Vehicle Nickname
Sun Break 64

My Pham

1964 chevrolet impala eazy duz it club plaque 010

White Center, WA

Eazy Duz It

1964 chevrolet impala 350 crate motor 004

350 crate motor with Tuff Stuff chrome alternator, March Performance brackets, Hooker Headers, Edelbrock carb, Edelbrock intake, SBC double-finned oval air filter, SBC finned valve covers, aluminum radiator, and a red-top Optima battery.

Ciadella interior kit

1964 chevrolet impala ciadella interior 015

Retrosound head unit, Alpine mids, and Phoenix Gold amps

PPG Corona Cream

1964 chevrolet impala pesco pumps 007

The suspension received a reinforced Toyota rearend, 1.5-inch extended A-arms, Y-bone, partial frame reinforcement, and disc brake conversion before Keo Sanh installed the four Pesco aircraft pumps, four Adex, eight Accumax solenoids, 8-inch front/14-inch rear cylinders, and six deep cycle batteries.

72-spoke 13×7 Daytons with Premium Sportway 5.20s

1964 chevrolet impala rear bumper003