Dominic Perales’s father began looking for a bike when he realized that he was outgrowing his Taylor Tot. He was lucky enough to find one on eBay. “It was in great condition and I was able to get it for $100.” Once “Lil Tiger” came in, he took it apart and sent out a few parts to Miguel Chavez for engraving and plating, and the rest to New Age Plating.

Vintage Schwinn Lil Tigers were made from 1970 to 1980.
Vintage Schwinn Lil Tigers were made from 1970 to 1980.

The hardest part of the build was deciding on a candy paint for the bike. Once they decided on a House of Kolor yellow pearl, it was taken to Gilbert Acosta to have it sprayed. Raul Delgado added patterns and Smudge in San Jose, California, added the striping. Wesos used white vinyl to bring back the seat to its original form.

1970s schwinn bicycle biccyle chain cover 002

They were able to complete the bike build before the Socios car show in Sacramento, California. “It was important for us to make that show as that was the first show he attended with his Taylor Tot and now with his Lil Tiger.”

1970s Schwinn

Bike Nickname
Lil Tiger

Dominic Perales

1970s schwinn bicycle dominic perales 003

Car Club

Gilroy, CA

White vinyl

1970s schwinn bicycle sprocket 014

House of Kolor yellow pearl

12-inch 20-spoke / whitewall tires