With a name like Hollywood you know this kid’s parents are probably the coolest on the block, and that of course means that Hollywood’s toys as pretty cool as well. So it was just a matter of time before they built Hollywood a lowrider bike that looked just like daddy’s Harley-Davidson.

Soon after Hollywood’s mom and dad bought a Harley-Davidson (kid model of course) they sent it to family friend Julio Rivera who would apply the bike’s custom unique blend of candy apple red, organic green, and midnight black color combinations along with the acid drop and Mexican serape patterns. Albert of SX70’s created the custom hand-tooled seat. After a couple of weekends in the garage helping dad finish a few more of the bike’s custom modifications like painting my wire wheel spokes and cleaning my whitewalls, Hollywood was finally ready to cruise bike up and down the block and of course show it off at all the local car shows.

As a fulltime Jedi Ninja it is hard to find time to ride the bike, but when Hollywood does it brings back memories of everyone who helped out. Hollywood and family would like to thank everyone who helped them with this build, especially Joey Luera, Julio Rivera, and all of the friends and family that lent a hand as well.

Bike Nickname: 39th

Owner: Hollywood Polonco-Padilla

Car Club: Working Class Cultura

City: Phoenix, AZ

Vehicle: Harley Davidson Kid Bike

Upholstery: Albert as SX70’s did the tooled leather seat

Body/Paint: Julio Rivera applied the candy flake w/ acid drop, lace and serape paint effects