When rebuilding a classic car everyone will tell you there are no other parts that offer better quality or better fitment than NOS parts. Recently one of the largest collections of Chevy NOS parts ever amassed has been uncovered. Many of the pieces in this collection are brand new, still in their original packaging.

According to Roger Ausley of Ausley’s Chevelle Parts, “I knew this guy back in the late ’70s,” said Ausley. “He was an anesthesiologist and he would buy out old Chevrolet dealerships’ new-old-stock inventory. He was doing it back in the day when they would just about give it to you to get rid of it. He went as far as Hawaii and Puerto Rico to get parts.” Ausley says that after the collector died, “His wife decided she was just going to liquidate the stuff,” and he was contacted because she was hoping to sell off the business and whole collection.

When we say this collection is massive, we mean it’s massive! According to Ausley, “Parts were stacked helter-skelter, floor-to-ceiling all across the massive building. The place was an old chicken processing plant so it was probably 25,000 square feet, not to mention there were tractor-trailers sitting outside slammed full of sheetmetal, gas tanks, and just unbelievable amounts of stuff.”

While Ausley did eventually take his share of parts, which was mainly Chevelle, the bulk of the Impala parts ended up going to James Hubbard of Hubbard’s Impala Parts. Good news for anybody who is rebuilding an Impala and looking for parts because Hubbard’s Impala Parts will be at the Bakersfield Super Show, Sunday, August 16th and they’ll be bringing with them their massive treasure trove of new-old-stock Impala parts!

“We spent 10 weeks, day and night, going through every item … basically four 53-foot trailer loads of NOS parts in the GM box,” said Tim House, who was contacted to help catalog and sort through all the Impala parts. “We went through and handpicked all the stuff we knew that people wanted … and we’d gotten together three complete sets of ’58 Impala side trim, two hardtop or convertibles. We got rocker moldings, we got side trim, fenders, doors, hoods, grilles. Where will you ever find that again? Any guy building or restoring a car, he’s going to want this stuff—they don’t want junk that they have to get out of a junkyard and have to polish it and get the dents taken out. This is stuff still in the wrapper, still in the box,” said Tim. “We got the necessities. We got what you need to build a car with.”

As we said before, when finding parts to rebuild a classic car nothing beats the quality and fitment of NOS parts. So if you’re looking for parts for your classic Impala, stop scouring junkyards or surfing the Internet for something that will probably need restoring and cleaning. Come out to the Bakersfield Super Show on Sunday, August 16th at the Kern County Fairgrounds. Chances are Hubbard’s Impala Parts will have exactly what you need and they’ll have it brand new, in the original box with all the GM factory stamps on it.

For more info on the show, check out the Lowrider tour page or call (661) 340-1207. For more information on Hubbard’s Impala Parts, visit their website at www.impalaparts.com or give them a call at 800-846-7252.