For many children, the first role model they’ll ever have is their father. It is a father’s duty to instill in them the proper values and to be there for his children when they need him. Danny Torrez is a father who knows how to be a role model for his kids and as a member of USO Car Club in San Jose, California. With several noteworthy builds under his belt he also knows how to instill the values of lowriding into them.

For his daughters, Destinee, Danny built a ’52 Taylor Tot stroller for her that was featured in our May ’15 issue. As for his son, Daniel “Wiggie” Torrez, Danny had other plans in mind for him. Daniel wanted a lowrider bicycle just like his dad had, so Danny made a deal with his him: Get good grades in school, and he would buy him a bike for them to work on together. After Daniel got the grades needed, his father held up his end of the bargain and picked up a ’66 Schwinn Stingray for him.

As a welder and fabricator who has made a name for himself with his hydraulic setups Danny is no stranger to doing work himself. Danny took care of making the forks, pedals, and handlebars, along with the continental kit for the skateboard. Danny also put the Schwinn on a custom air setup comprised of a CO2 pump and 4-inch cylinder.

For the body, the tank was molded before Oscar Ruvalcalba up in San Jose sprayed the bike down with a coat of House of Kolors Oriental Blue. Carlos aka Coast One then laid down the candy teal graphics, while Mike Lamberson in Riverside took care of pinstriping. To make sure Daniel’s love for skateboarding and bike riding was properly shown on the bike, Sal Elias painted the murals depicting skeletons skateboarding and riding bikes. For the chrome, Hugo at Ventura Bumper & Chrome did the chroming while Tommy at Tommy’s Custom Engraving in Los Angeles handled the engraving duties.

To make sure Daniel would be comfortable when he rode his bike, Wesso’s Upholstery in San Jose made a suede and satin seat for him, while his dad installed the entertainment system that consists of a motorcycle amp and a PS Vita.

The end result of all this hard work is a beautiful blue machine that proudly depicts Daniel’s other passions aside from lowriding. Daniel says his bike has taken many awards at various shows including best engraving, best air setup, best paint, best murals, and best in show.

If you’re a parent who is trying to get your children interested into lowriding then you might be able to take some lessons from Danny Torrez. Not only is he a talented car builder, but he’s also setting good examples for his children that will surely lead to them following in his footsteps.

Daniel would like to thank his parents, his sisters, God, USO car club, and all the others who helped him put his bicycle.

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1966 Schwinn Stingray

Vehicle Nickname: Sk8 or Ryde

Owner: Daniel “Wiggie” Torrez

City/State: San Jose, CA

Club: USO

Body/Paint: Molded tanks, House of Kolors Oriental Blue paint. Paint and body by Oscar Ruvalcalba. Candy teal graphics by Carlos aka Coast One. Skeleton murals by Sal Elias, engraving by Tommy’s Custom Engraving, chrome plating by Hugo at Ventura Bumper & Chrome

Suspension: Air setup suspension, 4-inch cylinders, CO2 pumps

Interior: Suede and satin seat by Wesso Upholstery

Sound: PS Vita, Motorcycle amp

Wheels/Tires: 20-inch 244-spoke wheels