In this edition of Friday Night Fights we’re doing a battle of the Bel Airs as we take Sammy Lopez’s ’54 Bel Air, Baby Blue Eyes and put it up against Noriyuki Nakoshi’s ’56 Bel Air convertible, Platinum VI

Baby Blue Eyes

Our first competitor, Baby Blue Eyes is a 1954 Chevy Bel Air owned by Sammy Lopez of Imperials, Los Angeles. Powered by a 235 inline-six, Baby Blue Eyes is also sporting a Kool Aid hydraulic setup with front and rear dumps and a built-in equalizer, a Hampton Coach and NOS materials interior, Truespoke wheels and a custom blue-green mix paint job by Elroy Soltero.

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Platinum IV

Our second competitor, Platinum IV is a ’56 Bel Air Convertible hailing all the way from Ibaraki, Japan. Owned by Noriyuki Nakoshi of Whuts Goin On CC, Platinum IV is powered by a 350 with Quick Fuel Technology rag race carburetor underneath the hood and is equipped with a two chrome OG Stillman pump setup. Platinum IV is also sporting a two-tone gun blue and black paintjob by New Jacks with a trunk mural by Fonzy, and gold Zeniths.

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Which one of these 2 Bel Airs is better? Like before we’re leaving it up to you, our readers to decide. Tell us below in the comment section or on the Lowrider Facebook page which is the better Bel Air.