2006 Harley-Davidson Springer Softail – Till Death Do Us Part

A '70s-Style Softail to Die for

These days it seems that Harleys and lowriders go hand in hand. With many sporting the same if not more extravagant candy, pinstriped, and patterned paintjobs as those found at any major car show it seems that they’re practically a two-wheeled Impala. For Frank Padilla, this is exactly what he had in mind for his newest project. Shortly after selling his 1979 Chevy El Camino he immediately paid a visit to his local Harley-Davidson dealership and purchased a 2006 Harley Springer Softail and within a week found himself with a disassembled stock bike ready to receive the lowrider treatment.

Frank and his friends immediately got to work on a long list of modifications that included a 6 and 1/2-inch stretched rear fender, rear lowered suspension, aftermarket chrome accessories, and 17-inch handlebars. With the bodywork completed it was off to Julio Rivera in Highland Park, Illinois, to give this bike that ’70s lowrider-style paintjob that emulates a traditional Mexican serape. Julio would apply the tangerine and blue candies and then blanket the already vibrant paintjob with fingerprint and lace patterns as well as endless lines of pinstriping. With Albert of Supreme 70’s finishing the hand-tooled black leather seat, new chrome accessories bolted on, and 36-inch extended Samson exhaust shined up, it was time for Frank and his friends to finally cruise down the infamous Central Avenue.

After many an 18-pack needed to get through those hot summer Phoenix nights, Frank would like to thank all those who lent a hand, but more importantly thanks to the support of his mother and girlfriend Yanin Polanco and their son Hollywood who was by his side during the entire process.

Tech Specs

Motorcycle: 2006 Harley-Davidson Springer Softail

Motorcycle nickname: Hasta La Muerte

Owner: Frank Padilla

City: Phoenix, AZ

Engine: original 88 cubic-inch 2006 Harley Davidson

Upholstery: Supreme ’70s tooled the black leather seat

Body/Paint: Julio Rivera laid the serape candy flaked paint scheme

Suspension: rear was lowered 2 inches

Wheels / Tires: 21×3 front and 16×3 rear / Harley whitewalls