Axalta Coating Systems, which was formally known as DuPont, is best known for their brilliant paints and finishes. But dig even deeper and you’ll find that they’ve got roots that run very deep. They’re the only global company that’s focused 100 percent on liquid and powdercoatings, and with more than 145 years of experience. They’ve stood the test of time when it comes to the best coatings in the industry and the proof is in their finish.

A collage of custom painters.

At Lowrider, we’ve used Axalta paints on all of our custom builds and their dedication to the lowrider market speaks volumes about their commitment and confidence in the paint game — because you already know that us lowrider guys are the pickiest on earth.

From NASCAR to Lowrider, Axalta’s heavy involvement in motorsports is proof positive that they’re passionate about their brand as well as the automobile. But their presence in different genres of cars and car customization doesn’t end there. They are regulars in the lowrider scene, and when it comes to lowriding they’ve become part of the family and very familiar faces to those who are immersed in the scene. As sponsors of the Axalta Tech Tip of the Month, they’ve also been active in throwing the annual “Paint Jam” sessions. These meet-ups have proven to be effective, and along with new painters, stripers, and muralists, this past get-together was a gathering of the creative minds that came second to none.

For the event, LA Trade Tech played host to a packed class that included staff from LRM and Axalta along with a few enrolled students who had firsthand experience using some of Axalta’s candies, flakes, and pearls. If you were in attendance then the one thing that was clearly evident was the heart, focus, and enthusiasm found in the students, teachers, and everyone else there. It was an intense session full of creativity and a passion for the craft, which could only be accomplished with the right materials. After all, artists work in paint day in and day out, so they can tell right away that the Axalta products had the consistency and quality they look for. Not only was it informative, but it was a humbling experience to watch these guys start from scratch and create something that had us overwhelmed by their talent. It was an experience that was equally as powerful as the products used to create the final outcome. The brilliance of the colors and the vibrance of the pearls were amazing and students were impressed with just how fast they cured.

Mr. Harry Christman explaining the Axalta line.

In the end, everyone in the class received a canvas to display their talent and the projects submitted ranged from small fiberglass hoods, long skateboards, and all the way to bubble car templates. Each of these canvases were painted with the students’ visions in mind, and the end results were stunning. So stunning in fact that they will be displayed at all Axalta exhibits and show tours, and wind up at the upcoming 2015 SEMA Show.

The LRM staff and lowrider community would like to extend a special thanks to Axalta for their continued dedication and excellence not only to their products, but to our colorful lowriding culture.

Steve Burk hood.