In the mid ’90s, Jeffrey Maurice Agonoy Manuel was known on the island of Oahu for building bikes. He was only 12 years old and worked delivering newspapers to afford his bike builds. He’s won multiple awards for his builds, but his hobby got put on hold when he started a family.

“In 2011, I saw some guys riding their lowrider bikes to Waikiki and that motivated me to start fixing up bikes again.” He started by picking up a 2013 FNR frame and having Junkshop Pros paint it blue along with the custom parts from Wild Customs. Jeffrey came up with a blueprint for an air ride suspension by using a paintball tank. Once most of the bike was done, Jeffrey had Scratch Alley airbrush some very sentimental murals for him. The right side fender has murals of his three boys Chris, Sheldon, and Jarrett. The other murals are of his dad Cirilo who passed away from cancer and his two sons Bryson Brayden and Maurice Angelo who passed away for different reasons.

Jeffery would like to thank Junkshop Pros, Alfredo Aranda, Scratch Alley, Bobby from EKis shop and most of all his wife, family, and friends.

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 2013 FNR

Vehicle Nickname: In God’s Hand

Owner: Jeffrey Maurice Agonoy Manuel

City/State: Honolulu, HI

Club: Old Times

Body/Paint: Alfredo Aranda of Wild Customs in the Philippines fabricated everything, including the handlebars, fenders, molded tanks, and forks. He also did the engraving. Junkshop Pros in Honolulu used DuPont blue before Scratch Alley added the murals and leafing.

Suspension: Jeffery came up with an air ride kit by using a paintball air tank

Interior: Fred’s Auto Top Shop in Honolulu used blue and black velvet

Wheels/Tires: 26×2.5-inch with twisted spokes