Thomas Padilla of Casa Grande, Arizona, says he can thank or blame all of his uncles for getting him into lowriding. Growing up, they always had rides that were hooked up and looking clean. They all had a little bit of everything from mini-trucks to Impalas. They would take Thomas and his brother cruising through town often. His uncles taught him a lot about cars, but what he learned from them that was most important was to take pride in your ride because that’s what everyone will see in you! So from then on, that’s what Thomas did. Every car or truck he has owned since had to be well taken care of and clean. Of course, it also had to have rims, then a system, and so on, just to make it unique to his liking.

About five years ago, Gabino Saucedo, the president of Brown Society Car Club, in California, wanted to part ways with this ’83 Monte Carlo. When Thomas heard about the separation, he felt there would be no better place for the ride than to stay within the club. On Valentine’s Day, Thomas and some fellow Arizona chapter club members made the long road trip to Central California to bring the Monte to its new Southwestern home.

The car was already show condition, but Thomas wanted to eventually make some changes more to his liking. After winning at the Lowrider Magazine sanctioned shows in Phoenix, Arizona; San Bernardino, California; and Las Vegas, Nevada, he felt the time to change things had come! Thomas first reached to Krazy Kutting in Yuma, Arizona, and got their help on getting a chromed-out and engraved undercarriage. Next on list was to upgrade the audio and video system that was eventually encased in fiberglass. Thomas also changed the hydraulic setup, thanks to Black Magic in Las Vegas. He says the most recent makeover was the wild interior. Thomas had the interior match to the car’s name, “Kolor Me Crazy.” Multi-colored suede, vinyl, and fiberglass complete the interior, as well as color-changing LED lighting for the nighttime cruises.

Thomas gives big thanks to his family for their support and encouragement, and gives thanks to his Brown Society Car Club members for their help every step of the way. Thomas says he has more customizations in the works, so stay tuned!

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1983 Chevy Monte Carlo

Vehicle Nickname: Kolor Me Crazy

Owner: Thomas Padilla

City/State: Casa Grande, AZ

Club: Brown Society Car Club

Engine: Stock GM V-6

Body/Paint: Hollywood Customs in Tulare, California, laid down a purple finish along with multi-colored patterns. The talented Fonzo, also of Tulare, painted pinstripes and murals in and around the vehicle.

Suspension: Black Magic in Las Vegas, Nevada, installed a floating four-pump hydraulic setup powered by six Kinetik batteries. On the floorboard of the trunk is a unique pass-through window.

Interior: RR Design in Ventura, California, handled the super-custom interior consisting of suede, vinyl, and LED lighting

Sound System: EZ Cruzer in Casa Grande installed six TVs, two 500-watt amplifiers, four mid-range speakers, and three Soundstream woofers

Wheels/Tires: 13×7 custom-painted 100-spoke / 155/80/13 Travelstar