Eric Lozano is no novice to building cars. Over the years he’s had several builds including an ’86 Cutlass, a ’72 Impala, a ’92 Roadmaster, a ’98 Lincoln, an ’85 Caprice, and an ’86 Caprice. Eric is also no stranger to the pages of Lowrider his ’86 Caprice nicknamed “Tru Devotion” was shot by the late Jae Bueno and featured in our March 2011 issue.

After getting his ’86 Caprice finished and featured Eric felt he needed a new project to work on. He wanted his next project to be an older convertible and he found the perfect candidate in a ’75 Caprice ragtop that a friend was working on. The convertible had already been painted, but it was not running and was also missing the glass, bumpers, and the interior. Seeing the potential in the convertible, Eric traded his fully built, show-ready ’86 Caprice for it.

Like many people out there Eric is the type of person who doesn’t like being without a car to show off for very long, so he set a goal for himself to have the convertible drivable and presentable in three months. Eric’s friends thought he was crazy for setting such an unrealistic deadline, but Eric wanted to prove to everyone, including himself, that he could get it done.

Working diligently in his garage Eric put the glass in, the bumpers on, and assembled the engine. When it came time to get the interior done Eric saw the perfect opportunity to testdrive his Caprice, so instead of having it towed to the interior shop Eric put in the driver seat and drove his Caprice 40 miles from his home in Ontario, California, to California Auto Upholstery in Bell Gardens. By the end of the third month Eric had achieved his goal. He’d taken his ’75 Caprice from basically a painted shell and got it ready to be driven and shown off, all in record time.

However, being drivable and presentable doesn’t necessarily mean finished. Eric’s suspension still needed some work done. After getting back from that first show Eric immediately tore into his Caprice’s suspension. Industrial Metal Finish handled chroming the undercarriage, while Homies Hydraulics in Paramount, California, took care of the hydraulics by putting in Hoppos pumps and Adex dumps, while Victor at South Side Customs in Tijuana created the molded A-arms.

Eric’s Caprice is the perfect example of how anybody can accomplish anything if they just set their mind to it. His three-month build deadline may have seemed impossible, but Eric proved otherwise and got it done. Eric would like to thank his wife Thelma for her support, Mario Rodriguez, Jaime Gonzales, and everybody else who made this project possible.

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1975 Chevy Caprice

Owner: Eric Lozano

City/State: Ontario, CA

Engine: ’74 Chevy 400, Flowmaster exhaust, Hooker headers, Edelbrock carb and intake

Body/Paint: Bodywork by Chino of CDC, shaved door handles, shaved firewall, shaved rain gutters

Suspension: Chrome undercarriage, Hydraulics installed by Homies Hydraulics, Hoppos pumps, Adex dumps

Interior: Blue vinyl interior by California Auto Upholstery

Sound System: Sound System installed by OB Audio, Pioneer head unit, Sound Stream amps, and woofers

Wheels/Tires: Zenith 72-spoke / Coker