The LOWRIDER Magazine show season is gearing up, and we already have our sights set on some cool new exhibits that go beyond the amazing cars. At our stop in Albuquerque, new riders who may have only fantasized about what it’s like to ride a Harley will have a chance to live out their dreams and take a simulated ride that’s about a close to the real thing as it gets.

The show will feature a Harley-Davidson JUMPSTART machine. Anybody who is interested will be able to climb aboard a real Harley-Davidson motorcycle and get a feel for what it’s like to ride one under the supervision of a trained staff member. Even if you’ve never ridden before, this is your chance to get the experience of a lifetime absolutely free.

The 2015 Albuquerque show will be at the Albuquerque Convention Center on Saturday, May 16, 2015. The event will also have appearances by the Artemis Girls and live performances by Baeza, One, Charm, Ezko, and Doll-E Girl. Also, meet LOWRIDER’s editor Joe Ray in person and get your picture taken by our associate editor Beto Mendoza.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting show where you’ll get a chance to view some of last year’s champions as well as have a chance to compete for Bike of the Year, Truck of the Year, or Car of the Year. Come see for yourself why the Albuquerque Super Show keeps growing each year.

To get ready for the Albuquerque show we sat down with the show’s organizer, Joe Romero and asked him a few questions.

How long have you been putting on the Albuquerque show?

We’ve been doing them since the ’90s. This is the first year we’re bringing it back to the downtown convention center. We haven’t had it there since 2000.

How did you get involved with cars?

We’ve been into car shows since the late ’80s. I actually took truck sweepstakes of the year back in ’98.

How’d you get involved with organizing the Albuquerque show?

Just grew up with it I guess. Yeah. Out here in New Mexico, it’s a big culture.

Out of all the years you’ve been doing this, what would you say is your favorite car?

That’s a tough one. I don’t think I really have a favorite car.

You just like them all?


What is it about a car that makes it stand out to you? Paintjobs? Chrome? Engraving?

Paint and engraving.

Is there anything people should be on the lookout for at this year’s show?

It’ll be the first in New Mexico’s history to have car of the year, truck of the year, and bike of the year here.

For more information on the JUMPSTART machine, please visit Harley Davidson’s website here. For more information on the 2015 Albuquerque Super Show please call 505-433-2702 or visit