Marrick Salazar lives in the city of Norco, a Southern California community that boasts a major love for horses. The sidewalks on the main streets are not made of concrete, but are actually dirt paths. Just about every business has wood posts out on their storefront so you can tie up your horse while you shop. Marrick admits he has a few horses of his own located at his compound (known as Rancho Salazar). But it’s no wonder why it’s probably his iron horse that gets all the attention!

The love for motorcycles started for Marrick back in 2011. His soon-to-be bike club brother let him go for a ride on a 2008 Electra Glide Vicla and the rest was history — Marrick knew he had to get a two-wheeler and had to join Hurley Hogs Bike Club.

In July 2012, Marrick made a deal with a club brother to do some trade work. He did some work on a ’59 Chevy Impala and in trade, Marrick received a project Harley-Davidson that this guy had just lying around. Marrick took the bike and started to do some fabrication to it, mostly with the addition of a custom Kraft Tech rake frame. Once he got the bike customized to the way he wanted it, he handed it off to Chevy Time at Malditos Motos to finish it up. Edgar Rodriguez was then called upon to give it an eye-catching paintjob and the end result is seen here … a beautiful masterpiece sitting on chrome spokes and whitewall tires.

Marrick gives big thanks to Rudy Garcia, Joe Muro, Albert Acosta, and his loving wife for her support and patience during the buildup of his bike, “La Nalgoña.”

Tech Specs

Bike Year/Make/Model: 2009 Hurley Hogs Special Construction FX/FL Swing Arm Style

Bike Nickname: La Nalgoña

Owner: Marrick Salazar

City/State: Norco, California

Club: Hurley Hogs

Motor: 1999 Harley Davidson built up by Chevy Time at Maldito Motos in Irwindale, California

Paint: Maxima Imagen in Irwindale prepped the bike’s body for paint, ultimately laying down a candy tangerine finish in patterns with red and white pinstriping

Suspension: Stock suspension on the custom Kraft Tech 30-degree frame

Upholstery: Upholstery needs were handled by Chevy Time at Malditos Motos in Irwindale, CA. The seat was carefully hand tooled and hand stitched. Stock Harley-Davidson gauges sit among an Arlen Ness dash.

Wheels/Tires: Metzler chrome spoke rims / whitewall tires