Yoyo and Sylvia Ramirez bought this 1969 Schwinn for their son J.J. Ramirez when he was only 3 years old from the local swap meet. “We had the whole vision of fixing up the bike for him, but throughout the years the bike kept being pushed off to the side.” It wasn’t until J.J. himself had saved up some birthday money for parts needed that the work finally began on the bike. This made his parents buckle down and really put in the effort to go all out on it.

They first took the bike to Steve Trevizo of Konnections Car Audio in Delhi, California, who molded the box and added the sound system. Once the bodywork was done it was taken to Laniel Gomes of L&J Customs in Merced, California, for the candy paint followed by Alberto Herrera in Visalia, California, for the mural work. The trike was completed and given to J.J. on his 12th birthday.

J.J. kept adding to the bike by getting custom handlebars and forks by Krazy Kutting in Yuma, Arizona. In that same year, the trike was taken to compete at different car show and it placed third for Trike of the Year at the Las Vegas Super Show in 2013. Unfortunatley the trike didn’t return to compete in 2014 because J.J. didn’t want to miss school and football to make the trip. J.J. would like to thank everyone who help put in work on the bike and a special thanks to his parents and sister for their support.

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1969 Schwinn Tricycle

Vehicle Nickname: Candylac

Owner: J.J. Ramirez

City/State: Winton, CA

Club: New Style