Imagine creating something so cool that you could actually trademark the name? Well that’s what happened with Harley-Davidson when they introduced the FXST Softail in 1984. The word “softail” has been a registered trademark with Harley-Davidson since that launch, and gone on to become one of the most popular platforms for lowrider enthusiasts to build upon.

If you’ve ever straddled a softail you’ll know that it’s no high-revving crotch rocket, but instead a cruiser with comfort to kill for. Then again, with bikes like this one in particular, it would be a sin to shoot around the streets at the blink of an eye when you’ve invested all this time and effort into making it look this good.

This 2005 HD, owned by Koji Fukushima, has been appropriately called “La Vicla.” As a member of One Forty Rollerz, the bike is the perfect exemplification of what the club’s standards require for entry. For visuals, the cruiser sports a fusion of yellow, brown, and gold tones to give this bike a classic yet gangster appeal, and depending on the time of day it shifts colors accordingly. Powering the beast is a twin cam 88B and all the necessary amenities have either been chromed or polished. It’s definitely a twist and a site to see, especially when one considers that it makes its home in the land known best for scooters and mopeds.

In all, this is yet another classic interpretation of the Mexican-American subculture we’ve built along with our founding fathers of lowriding. Sure it’s an adaptation of the cars we hop and cruise in, but it’s definitely got that twist giving it the same amount of credit and respect in our community. In addition, lowriding is not only a way of life that is spreading like wildfire, but a culture that discriminates against none. Sure the growth comes in spurts and in slow and steady rates, but in the end, slow and steady always wins the race.

The bottom line…we make the struggle look good.