Funny but not funny, we treat our bodies much the same way we treat our cars. For the first half of our lives all we care about is the exterior, and then we spend the next half of life repairing all the issues that arise from old age and neglect. Now the sad part and probably the only difference is the fact that as we get older we’re looked upon as the weaker part of the breed, whereas cars become much more valuable and adopt cool names like “classic” and “vintage.”

But all joking aside, the cars of today have become smaller, faster, more reliable, and much more durable. The technology found in smaller cars makes them safer in accidents (compared to even their larger ancestors), and the modern-day amenities found in newer cars outperform our lowriders by a long shot. Yet even with all these technological advancements the one thing I can promise you (and I’m sure you’ll agree) is that newer cars lack the essence, soul, and styling elegance of our older cars. Our older cars are imposing, our cars command the attention that so many newer cars demand, and in the end, our cars are indicative of an era that was exciting and pure.

Today, newer cars have replaced real leather with synthetic leather, metal with plastic, and steel seems to be a thing of the past as newer cars are built more along the lines of a Spam can. The entire experience of cars has changed, and doors that used to close with a “thud” now suddenly close with “ting.” Ten years from now kids won’t understand what an “eject” button is as even CDs are becoming things of the past.

I could go on forever how the experience of owning a car has changed, but then this editor’s note will end up sounding more like barber shop talk from a guy – to a bunch of guys – who still know about 8 tracks. That said, we’re glad that companies such as Energy Suspension, ISIS Power, and Art Morrison Enterprises (just to mention a few) are creating parts that can help “update” the internals of our cars. From new polyurethane bushings to advanced frames and electrical and ignition systems, it’s amazing to see what possibilities are available for our dinosaur cars.

These companies are not only offering products that will spare us the expense of having to box frames and rig parts to make our cars functional, but they also give us the opportunity to now build cars that will function and perform. And we’re not talking about improving performance by just minute amounts, we’re talking about major performance improvements that will change the way your car drives and feels. Even more important is the fact that these advancements will make our cars safer on the roads.

Since this is our SEMA issue I also wanted to throw in tech articles that would show you the true potential of your lowrider. It’s an issue that addresses some of our more major concerns, and an issue that will offer hope in knowing that major manufacturers are showing support to our scene as well as our cars.

So in closing I’d like to thank all the readers who still continue to practice and support the art of lowriding. It’s definitely a niche market we’ve all created, a movement, and a lifestyle that continues to grow on a daily basis. In addition, it’s exciting to see that manufacturers are recognizing the importance of our artistry and our culture. It’s definitely a sign that things are changing for the better as you will witness that every badass lowrider featured here comes equipped with a reliable, powerful, fuel-efficient LS engine.

As we go from cars over to car shows, we also feature the special coverage of the Fresno Super Show and Tour Stop that took place in early August. There are plenty of photographic images of this annual hot summer night Mariachi festival event. This perfect setting had a great atmosphere, along with a few qualifying “Lowrider of the Year” breakout rides. There were also numerous very nice rides as well displayed all over the venue that will eventually fill up plenty of LOWRIDER Magazine feature pages as well as on our endless room for pics on the LOWRIDER website. Vendors were seen throughout the show’s different areas and the music could be heard everyplace you visited with a cold beer in hand. There were Mariachis strolling the five different halls and outdoor areas playing all the memorable ballads for everyone’s enjoyment. LQ Productions and LOWRIDER would like to thank all those who participated, supported, and attended this once again fantastic Fresno event.

Things have actually changed from the past besides car technology. Cops pull you over now just to check out your ride?

Joe Ray