For Funk Martinez of Chicago, the love for motorcycles started off as a young kid. He began by placing playing cards in the spokes of his bicycle to portray the sound effects of a motorcycle engine. As he got older, he noticed that one of his neighbors had a motorcycle and since then he always wanted to get himself one just like it. Once Funk learned how to ride, he knew it would only be a matter of time before he started customizing his ride. “With this bike, I wanted to combine the Harley-Davidson world with the Latino community artwork and that’s how I came up with Cholo’s Dream,” says Mr. Martinez.

The combination of American iron and Latino artwork would only become a reality for Funk Martinez if he were willing to put in many late nights of work. He started the build by tearing the bike down, while sending the tanks and fenders to get a custom paintjob with murals added. He then bought a few accessories including an exhaust, 22-inch ape hangers, HID headlights, along with matching mirrors and floorboards. Through tremendous dedication to working on the bike every day and night, Funk was able to complete the build of his dream bike in only 30 days.

Tech Specs
Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 2006 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Vehicle Nickname: Cholo’s Dream

Owner: Funk Martinez

City/State: Chicago, IL

Club: MOB

Engine: 88ci twin cam with dual air intakes, Cholo exhaust with flamethrowers

Body/Paint: Rudy and Joe painted the bike in House of Kolor rootbeer pearl

Suspension: Air ride suspension