When Victor Alex was a kid he was given the bike you see here by his older brother. It’s obvious he invested time and money into this bike just before the 2012 L.A. show where he took Best of Show. Later that year he took and displayed his show bike at the Lowrider Magazine Las Vegas Super Show and only placed third in his category. He’d then decided to overhaul the whole bike and get it ready for the next year’s Lowrider Tour shows.

He took the bike completely apart and added numerous custom and engraved parts as he displayed it up for competition at our sanctioned Fresno Super Show. Unfortunately for Alex, his efforts weren’t good enough as he didn’t place in sweepstakes and couldn’t qualify to compete for Lowrider Bike of the Year. His last hope was to take the bike and qualify it in time for the Lowrider El Paso, Texas Tour Show.

He decided to swap out the frame and go from a full custom bike category to the radical bracket instead. He added a left-side sprocket, engraved everything with a gold and chrome combo, custom hydraulics, custom rims, and many other one-off parts that were handmade. He only had one month to rebuild this bike and make it in time to El Paso as he also drove 18 hours to the show where he took Best of Show honors.

In qualifying he took the bike to the Las Vegas Super Show to compete for the Lowrider Bike of the Year award and placed second. All Victor would like to say from this lifetime experience is, “I didn’t win, but the important thing about my journey is that if I could do this all over again, I would do it all over again the exact same way!”


Tech Specs

Year/Make/Model: 1961 Schwinn 16-inch

Vehicle Nickname: Dia De Los Muertos

Owner: Victor Alex

City/State: Tijuana, Mexico

Club: South Side

Body/Paint: The bike’s frame was shaved and molded by Southside Customs in Tijuana, Mexico, Ernesto Olivo in Tijuana airbrushed “The King of Death” on the seat

Wheels/Tires: Custom-made wheels by Jagster in Los Angeles

Interior: Alcala in Tijuana