There is something about the very different but cool and exotic color of candy lime green that seems to personify certain makes and models of custom lowrider paintjobs to this day. Everyone here has a favorite candy color that they like, but there’s always a particular color that brings out the best in each year, make, and model of all car designs. Most of us here all think we know the one and only custom color choice that’s the perfect match to bring out the best possible look in each and every model of lowrider. Just like the right suit makes the man, the right color makes the car.

This 1964 lime Impala we photographed in all its beautiful entirety for our LOWRIDER September issue is a prime example of great candies. Displayed in colorful view, it’s hard to imagine a better color choice for this very distinctive ride. We can all argue what our favorite is and agree that these classic rides also look very nice in candy red, Inka gold, candy blue, purple, and orange. Candy turquoise is a very nice pick as well, but then so is black if you want, but lime green is what makes this car exclusive from all colors! It simply magnifies the body style — period.

This is the same reason why candy magentas fit perfect with Buick Rivieras and certain Cadillacs too. Luxury cars can best be handled by dark colors of gold, red, and cobalt blue. Then there are certain rides where orange and yellow seem to complement their body styles, while other makes and models don’t necessarily agree with those same “loud” colors very well. This “best of all” candy craze has been going on for years too, even back when our toys were smaller in scale. There are some of us who can remember the early days of Hot Wheels and Schwinn Stingray bicycles with candy apple paints.

The kids knew back then that the right color on the right bike and or metal die-cast car made it the winner over the other neighborhood kids who had the same bike or that “silhouette” Hot Wheel. While we can all have conflicting thoughts about what was just said, in the end, all colors are fun to play with. We become bored with the same old color anyway, and we sometimes choose to go with another color to freshen things up. Occasionally we can’t decide what color we should go with until the very day our rides are in the spray booth.

There is the woman factor that comes into play as well. Either you ask your wife or girlfriend her opinion about a certain color you’re thinking of choosing or you ask what color they like better. If you’re single, then you’re picking the color to attract the girl you want next to you in that ride. In the end we seem to always have more fun picking and changing our minds about colors than we do selecting that final color. It always becomes sort of a fantasy to envision your car in all these wild paint versions, but in all reality there is that one and only color that makes your ride more impressive. If not for lowriders, why else would there be paint color charts?

This year’s Lowrider Tour Stop was kicked off big time at the “state of the art” Arizona Cardinal stadium as Motorsport Showcase and Arizona Super Show LLC’s Tony Herrera teamed up to throw one heck of a bomb LOWRIDER car show and tailgate-type party event. Never has there been a scene of this magnitude from the lowrider state of Arizona. The facility’s escalators were full the entire day and night as fans moved in droves inside and out of this heavily entertained arena.

Richard Ochoa, family, club, and friends came together with the proud Arizona lowrider nation to support and celebrate what would become an “epic” and “historical” event. Over 700 show cars and a stage that was the size of other venue-type halls entertained the large crowd. Then toward the middle of the evening, the world’s biggest moonroof opened from the top of the stadium to let in the deep blue sky of the Arizona night. We needed six photographers to help cover this large event so check out what we saw through their camera lenses in this special LOWRIDER car show tour feature.

The Raza Report rolls right up on us like someone crouched on a short, narrow board with a set of four ball-bearing wheels. Here we bring you an inspirational story of a skateboard shop in the heart of East L.A., that’s owner will help any kid around the area with a good grade average also make the grade in life. Youth and our future goes down the right sidewalk of life here, so please read up on this feel-good story about mentors and why we could use a lot more to help our kids become more encouraged in today’s rough times and rough places.

Respectfully and only in my opinion,
Joe Ray