Many of us have lowriding in our blood, but few can say that they have the honor of coming from a bloodline of lowriders. Such is the case for Daniel Tovar of Cypress, California — a direct descendent of the Tovar family. Daniel’s uncles have graced the pages of LOWRIDER Magazine countless times and within that winning streak they’ve also landed a few legendary and epic covers. More recently, his dad Paul landed the September 2013 cover with their truck, Special Delivery, and that was proof enough that Daniel has some big shoes to fill in the lowrider scene.

Daniel’s start began with a model car that his dad Paul helped him with. Daniel produced custom replica model cars of his family’s famous rides and his work reached such acclaim that he landed his very first feature in the summer 2001 issue of Lowrider Bicycle.

Wanting to attend shows with his uncles Michael and Eddie, Daniel decided to build himself a classic bicycle. He, along with his younger brother Joey, teamed up and started hitting up swap meets and contacting friends to find rare parts for their build and apparently finding rare parts is a skill that comes naturally to a Tovar.

He contacted his friend Stephan Taylor to assist in building the custom 26-inch frame that no one else would have. The cruiser’s frame was built using 1¼-inch steel tubing. The bike was then taken to their friend Albert DeAlba who also comes from a bloodline of lowriders, to have it candied and flaked out. Adding rare pre-WWII bicycle and motorcycle accessories finished off the bike.

As the bike build came to an end, Daniel became the proud godfather of his older brother Paul’s son Nicholas. He once again teamed up with his brother Joey to build him a 1950s Taylor Tot. Victor Melgoza laid out the 1939 woodgrain style on the seat and handle, while chrome was sent out to Sergio at Quality Chrome Finish in Los Angeles. The bike was then taken back to Albert DeAlba to give it a matching paintjob.

After building model cars, strollers, and bikes, Daniel is on to his toughest task yet, the building of a 1939 Sport Coupe that he hopes will live up to the Tovar name and have it featured within these pages one day. Daniel would like to dedicate this feature to his grandma Mary who is cruising the heavens above us.