Life has a funny way of pushing back our dreams, but it also has a peculiar way of bringing them right back. Sometimes our dreams are set aside due to shifting priorities and other times it’s set back because of time or financial restraints. Needless to say, they’re called “dreams” because they’re never really forgotten and this is the case with Sam Gallegos. Back in his younger days, Sam always dreamed of building his own lowrider bike, but that dream (as with many of our own) was pushed back. Due to a lack of time, he set the beloved project aside, but once he got started it was game over from the get-go.

So what possessed Sam to finally act on his dreams? That answer was simple—it was his grandchildren. When he first started the project he asked his grandchildren what they wanted to see and the kids suggested that they wanted a radical design that incorporated a dragon theme to it. That said, the original plan was to have a radical frame with dragon airbrushing, but those plans were soon scrapped when Eric Avalos of Dragon Slayer Customs came into the picture. Eric suggested sculpting a 3D dragon out of fiberglass and both the kids and Sam were sold on the idea. After hours of sculpting and creating the frame, it was clearly evident that this project was going to be a huge undertaking.

It also came as no surprise that Sam wanted to be a heavy hitter in the lowrider bike scene, so no one was shocked when he approached Mike Spear’s of Los Angeles to help him come up with a one of a kind rear end. The unique design with the double-twist and reinforced wings makes this a truly one-of-a-kind build, and with Carlos Salas adding the engraving and chrome/gold plating, this build became one tough act to follow. With a total of four years invested into this build, it’s safe to say that his trike is a definite crowd pleaser that was built to impress, but even more important is the fact that this piece of art makes Sam the coolest grandfather we all wish we had as kids.

Tech Specs

Bike: 1978 Aztlan Cruiser

Owner: Sam Gallegos

Bike Nickname: “Dragon Warz”

City/State: Castro Valley, California

Body/Paint: Eric Avalos of Dragon Slayer Customs in Hayward, California, handled all the body modifications. Eric Avalos, Luciano Salgado, Enrique Gudino, and Al Garcia all came together to for the paint scheme that consists of DuPont chrome illusion and House of Kolor candy red, orange, purple, and blurple. Pinstriping by Rory Pentecost, Steve Faraone of Hayward, and Curtis Silva of Fremont, California. Alberto Herrera of Quality Art in Visalia, California, added the finishing touches with his airbrush work.

Interior: Henry Resendez of Henry’s Custom in Azusa, California, and John Ruano of Hayward

Suspension: custom rear end

Sound System: Eric Avalos and also Danny Torres of San Jose, California

Wheels/Tires: custom wheels