It’s been said that you can judge a man by the company he keeps, but the same holds true when it comes to his hobbies. When one person explores a new interest it’s sure to arouse the curiosity of his friends and in this case, one man’s hobby turned a trio of friends into an award-winning trifecta known best for their custom bike builds.

It all started in 2011 when Ruben Perez purchased his first bike. “My first boy had a pedal car that we took to shows, so I wanted to get something for my second son, so he could have something of his own.” Within three months Ruben had already picked up a bike and got a ton of work done but unfortunately his attentions were needed elsewhere so he didn’t put the bike back together until almost two year s after he purchased it.

During that time, Ruben and good friends Gabriel and Carlos would always talk about cars and bikes and soon enough Gabriel built a bike for his 4-year-old daughter. Soon enough, the bike, which began as a rough canvas, was then slowly transformed into a masterpiece built in toddler proportions. With painted hubs, two-tone seats extra pin striping; this was just the start of more things to come.

Shortly thereafter, it was time for Carlos to get into the mix and he’ll be the first to admit that he was bit by the bug. “I got [this] bike for my son’s third birthday and I got the idea from Ruben and Gabriel,” says Carlos Santamaria. The bike, which he found in Hemet, California, was purchased for $20 and it was that initial purchase, which would soon have Carlos dedicated to the quality build you see here.

Since then, the trio have continued to sweep their respective categories at shows throughout the nation and not only do these bikes serve as great representation of the style and finesse of their club Southern Royalty, but they also double as a great case study in the power of friendship, the influence of lowrider culture as well as the family values which power the evolutionary spirit of the culture we all love.


“Terrible Twos”

Owner: Danny Perez

City/State: Anaheim, California

Club: Southern Royalty

Body/Paint: Kustom Chrome & Polish in Anaheim, CA, used candy red while Mike Lamberson of Draggin Lines in Riverside, CA, added the leafing and stripping.

Interior: Manny of Manny’s Creations in Anaheim.


Owner: Samantha Cabrera

City/State: Montebello, California

Club: Southern Royalty

Body/Paint: Universal Powder Coating used candy purple while Mike Lamberson of Draggin Lines in Riverside, CA, added the leafing and stripping.

Interior: North Hollywood Auto Upholstery in North Hollywood, CA, stitched the white and purple vinyl seat.

“Charlie’s Green”

Owner: Charlie Santamaria

City/State: Riverside, California

Club: Southern Royalty

Body/Paint: B&B Powder Coating and Mike Lamberson (Draggin Lines) added the leafing and stripping.

Interior: Mike of Mike’s Upholstery in Riverside, CA.