We are happy to put on display some more raw Art talent in this latest issue of February/March Arte. We also bring you another colorful event as we reintroduce the Kustom Kulture II, which is a celebratory exhibit that honors the success of its first show that happened twenty years ago which has opened the door for lowbrow art to go mainstream. Many of the original artists from the first exhibit have had extremely successful art careers. Our second event is Lowrider Magazines Las Vegas Super Show. Without a doubt, this is the biggest lowrider show anywhere, and during our coverage of the entire show we were able to get a few shots of art and some of the sexy sculptured models for all you male artists out there, no thanks needed.

Like always, Arte introduces featured artists and their highly talented drawings. Most of you youngsters probably have never heard of Rick Rietveld, but in the ’80s he and his old roommate launched one of the most successful clothing company’s of that time: Maui and Sons. I was in middle school at the time, but I remember seeing their famous Shark man character holding a surfboard. It seemed like everywhere you went you would run into someone wearing Maui and Sons. We caught up with Rick at his Newport Beach office to see what he has been up to lately and to bring to you the wave of some of his well known art work.

Gabriel Frias is another artist that got into the clothing business. His clothing company peaked in the early 2000s and he is currently revamping his business strategies and coming out of the shadows to let everyone know who the artist behind Deep Blue Graphix is.

Our third and final artist comes from Belgium and his paintbrush techniques are influenced by the hip-hop culture. Usually after painting a portrait of an artist, RA’ has had the chance to meet them in person to show them his work. Rick Ross even used one of his paintings in one of his music videos.

Hope you enjoy another colorful and abstract experience exhibited through this special issue!

Humberto Mendoza