Growing up in Española, New Mexico, Nathan Sisneros always dreamed of having a lowrider. “I went from owning a lowrider bike to owning Euro cars. I had every car I ever wanted thanks to my parents Michael and Veronica Sisneros,” says a grateful Nathan.

Harley-Davidsons, however, never caught his attention; that is, until his uncle, Matt, got one. Nathan was only thirteen at the time, but the sound of the revving engine and the pipes rumbling gave him a rush he would never forget. “I would always make it a point to checkout my uncle’s bike when we would go visit my grandparents’ house,” recalls Nathan. His uncle Matt noticed Nathan’s interest in the bike and allowed his younger relative the privilege of cleaning it for him. “The last time I remember cleaning my uncle’s bike was on a Friday night before he left to Red River for the annual biker run. I remember him telling my grandma with the biggest smile that he loved her.” Unknowingly to Nathan, that would be the last time he would ever see him.

Soon after his uncle’s untimely passing, Nathan became a father and focused on working and raising a family of his own. A few years later, he bought his first Harley; a Road King. “My uncle’s children approached me to see if I was interested in buying his old Softail. I wasted no time and purchased it, and decided right then and there that I was going to let his memory live on through that bike.”

With plenty of motivation behind him, Nathan took the bike to Mi Vida Customs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to have it built. “I was shocked at how good it came out; I wanted the bike to be famous for my uncle.” Little did he know that his dream of making it famous would come true. This past August, Lowrider magazine returned to Española for a car show and it was there that he was approached to do a photo shoot with the bike for the magazine. “While the photo shoot was taking place, I looked up and thanked God for always helping me out through everything. As I was looking up to the sky, I pictured Uncle Matt looking down and smiling; just like the last time I saw him.”


“Mi Penka”

Owner: Nathan Sisneros

Vehicle: 1998 Harley Davidson Softail

City/State: Española, NM

Club: La Vida Customs

Engine: EVO80ci, five-speed, Samson exhaust with 36-inch fishtails, Ride Wright pully with matching rotors and Screaming Eagle spark plugs.

Body/Paint: Mark Lujan of Mi Vida Customs in Albuquerque, NM, shaved the rear & front fender, brake light, and license plate before painting it candy Brandywine and flake. El Roy of Albuquerque, NM, stripped it.

Interior: Rene Zales of Black Widow Leathers in Colorado Springs hand tooled the leather seat, and dyed it red to match the bike.

Setup: Mark Lujan, of Mi Vida Customs, installed the Shotgun Airbags.

Tires: Avon 21×2.5 and 16×3.5

Wheels: Fat Daddy Ride Wright Wheels