Welcome to another talented and exclusive issue of Arte! In this edition, we introduce two different artists that draw from two different worlds. Our first artist, Danny Cee, comes to us from Orange County, California. He enters the tattoo scene at its peek; a time when the general public has finally accepted tattoos and where artists are looked up to like rock stars. His talent comes naturally but it will only flourish at his new job at Lowrider Tattoos where the legendary Jose Lopez has taken him under his wing. Everything is set for this young man to leave his mark in the tattoo world and only time will tell how big that mark will be.

Our second artist is an old-school artist known as Rockabilly Ray, comes from the ghettos of Mexico City. For him to make a living off of tattooing can only be described as having determination. He didn’t have the luxury of YouTube to take lessons from home, there were no tattoo shops in sight, and he didn’t know any established tattoo artists that could show him techniques. He started learning from a tattoo book that was written in a different language, fine-tuning his skill by practicing on all of his buddies, but in the end the only way for him to be able to advance in art and life was to leave his home and move to Los Angeles.

Also in this issue, our friend Marvin Shivnarain from New York was kind enough to stop by a few galleries from the “Big Apple” and snap a few shots for us. He covered two events titled the “Left to Right” and “The Future is Now” galleries. Both are great events that we are pleased to show you. We, once again, visited the land of enchantment during a trip to New Mexico for a Lowrider magazine car show—Espanola—for a first-rate lowrider-influenced art gallery and exhibit adjacent to the show and festival so we could photograph and bring you some of the lowrider artists’ works and styles that were placed on display, so please enjoy.

We hope that you enjoy this issue and that you find some inspiration within our pages.