Victorville and the surrounding city communities make up the High Desert area of Southern California. Although the High Desert has close to half-a-million residents, everybody who lived there seemed to know Ramsey Snape, Sr. If they didn’t know Ramsey personally, at one point or another, they most likely caught a glimpse of his orange ’04 Harley-Davidson Fatboy bike cruising down one of the desert highways.

As a child, Ramsey loved lowered cars, from lowriders to hot rods to VWs, but he always held a certain fondness for bikes—particularly the ones that sported lots of chrome. Almost a decade after completing his custom ’56 Volkswagen, he reached out to a friend who had a dealership to see if there was a deal on the lot for a Harley-Davidson bike. The friend took care of Ramsey, pointing him in the direction towards the ’04 Fatboy he had in stock. Ramsey took a look at the bike and knew that was the one he had to have.

Within just a couple of months, Ramsey began customizing the bike, lowering the suspension, which brought the bike down two inches closer to the ground. Next, he changed out the handlebars. These additions marked the start of the bike’s customizing phase, but Ramsey’s work was far from being completed. Over the next two years, the bike went through three colors, the ultimate being the custom Candy Orange with gold metal flakes. Ramsey later made his own custom 20-inch handlebars to give his bike that cool ape hanger look, in addition to tacking on a custom extended rear shovelhead fender. Through it all, Ramsey comes from a school of thought that “you can never have too much chrome,” so just about every accessory with a chrome finish was added.

Sadly, this talented bike builder passed away on June 22, 2013. Ramsey may have left behind his family and friends too soon, but his memory and his talents remain immortalized in this tricked-out, two-wheeled cruiser. His family says the passion he had for this bike will live on through their efforts, as they will proudly continue to show what can be built in the back of a garage when you use hard work and dedication as your tools. His family gives big thanks to everyone who showed support and helped Ramsey whenever he needed it. Ride in Peace, Ramsey.



Owner: Ramsey Snape, Sr.

Vehicle: 2004 Harley-Davidson Fatboy

City/State: Victorville, California

Engine: Stock ’04 Harley-Davidson V-Twin with five-speed transmission.

Body/Paint: Sergio Felix of Victorville used DuPont paint in an alluring Candy Orange color scheme with lots of gold flake for an eye-catching appearance. Famous lowrider pinstriper, Mike Lamberson of Riverside, CA, ultimately added his fine lines on the bike’s body. Engraving was done by Anthony De Lena of Victorville, CA. True dual 36-inch fishtail exhaust pipes, custom handlebars, extended shovelhead rear fender, a Nacelle headlight, and a custom luggage rack with oak trim round out the unique look of this ride.

Upholstery: Jose Sanchez of Upholster Plus in Hesperia, California, used a custom joint design for the bike’s upholstery needs.

Suspension: Lowered two inches.

Tires: Metzeler white wall tires (21-inch in front and 16-inch in back)

Wheels: 21-inch front and 16-inch rear chrome spoke rims