Stories like this one exemplify the family bonds that have given our lowrider culture the backbone it has needed to become an automotive institution with a worldwide appeal. When we laid eyes on this mini three-wheeler at the Lowrider Legends of San Diego art exhibit, we knew we had to bring it in to the studio and shoot it for our readers. The builder, Miguel Garcia, has been into lowriders since his junior high years and wanted to build something special for his own child.

The Pomona Swap Meet served as a jumping off point for this build, much like it has for so many builds over the course of more than a few decades. It was while walking around there that Miguel spotted this trike for sale for $300. The auto body technician from Oceanside, California, decided it to purchase it and build it for his loving daughter Melissa.

All told, the build process took Miguel about two months to complete. “When it came time to paint the trike, Melissa chose the color purple—it’s her favorite color,” says the proud Poppa. The bike was taken to Parker Airbrushing in Oceanside, California, where Parker sprayed every inch of the trike with multiple purple, pink, and silver patterns, before finishing it off with some classy stripe work.

Thanks are in order for all of Miguel’s family for their support and to the members of Members Only car club for being part of the build.