For this Issue of Arte magazine, we introduce our cover artist Alan Padilla who I met a couple years ago at a tattoo convention. His Adelita (Charra) pieces immediately grabbed my attention back then, but it wasn’t until later on when I met up with him at Time Line Gallery in San Pedro, California, that I became really impressed with his work. Alan started asking me for photography tips. His reason behind it had to do with his art.

His Adelita pieces were created from photos that he had taken. He had bought the outfit during a trip to Mexico and asked a friend of his to take pictures in it. The effort and the attention to detail is what makes his work that much more impressive as you will see for yourself.

Also in this issue we are featuring the work of San Jose, California, native Marcos Gaitan. I met Marcos back when we shot his ’66 Impala as a centerfold for Lowrider magazine. He is a fulltime artist who loves to document the lowrider lifestyle with his brush. Another Artist we have featured is Chris Suicide from Los Angeles. He brings along a traditional flavor with a Mexican style and twist.

We went out on the road to cover and check out some special events like Johnny Quintana’s sketchbook release in Pomona, California, and the Inkin’ In The Valley event, too.

We hope you love this this new issue of Arte that’s full of creativity from one artist to the other. Every artist in these pages, paints a story.