2000 Harley Davidson Road King – Firme HD

Lowrider tanks and tails

Anyone familiar with Espanola, New Mexico knows that the Lowrider lifestyle there is alive and well. This town in the Land of Enchantment is also home to Dominic Moya, Sr., someone who understands this to the fullest. “Growing up in Espanola, New Mexico, I would see all the custom Lowriders cruising up and down on Friday nights, and I knew from that point on anything I did would have to be the Lowrider way,” says Dominic. This philosophy shines through on “Firme HD,” Dominic’s 2000 Harley Davidson Road King. Dominic’s quest for two-wheeled greatness began after he purchased a Lucky Strike Bobber in 2006, but that bike still didn’t fulfill the vicla he always wanted. He travelled 300 plus miles to sell the bobber and purchased the 2000 Harley Davidson Road King, a project that would ultimately land him in the pages of LRM.

The bike initially had a stock color maroon paintjob with very little chrome, so ideas of customizing the bike filled Dominic’s world immediately. The final straw to get the project moving was the quarter-sized dent to the gas tank, which spawned the transformation you see here today. Eli Martinez was tapped to give the bike a candy paint job, and he laid down three different shades of gold including fades, flake, pinstripes, and the Zia symbol to represent “The Land of Enchantment.” Beach bars were added to give it the Lowrider look, as well as the 21-inch DNA Diamond Cut Wheel front and rear. The bike was also given Trual dual exhausts, two J&M self amplified speakers, its front and rear suspension was lowered, and the bike now carries extended saddlebags. When it came to the murals, Dominic called on Mario Moya, who not only added murals; he added the fine line pinstripes and gold leafing. “On one side there is a mural of my vicla and on the other is a Cadillac Fleetwood which is owned by Anthony Rael, Vice-President of Prestigious car club,” Domenic explains. “He wanted to make sure he had the Lowrider scene going on, that’s why it was chosen and Mario definitely made this clear in his artwork.

Dominic’s bike has hit the show circuits in Espanola, Denver, Pueblo, and Albuquerque and taken home numerous awards including First Place, Best of Show, and Second Place accolades. “The most memorable for me was this year at the Buffalo Thunder Show,” he says. “As the show began, I was watching all the people pass by and noticed Joe Ray from Lowrider Magazine stop and eye my HD. We began talking about my vicla and whether I preferred Beach Bars or Ape Hangers. He then told me how he liked that my bike had the Lowrider and New Mexico look.” Even Dominic’s son, Dominic, Jr. has gotten the fever; he has his own Lowrider bike to match his father’s vicla! “It’s like his little vicla, he has his own style and chose apes! Like father, like son, what can I say!”

Dominic would like to thank God for his health and allowing him to live the Lowrider life that he loves. He also wants to thank his beautiful wife, Marissa for always having his back, his son, Dominic, Jr., and daughter Melanie for their support and help at the shows, his brother, Anthony for his constant support, and his Prestigious Car Club brothers with whom he is honored to share a plaque. Dominic also sends his best to Mario Moya, Eli Martinez, “Davey,” Willie Trujillo, and Nate Ortiz. The spirit of Firme HD will undoubtedly keep shining from the Land of Enchantment thanks to Dominic and his many friends and family.


“Firme HD”

Owner: Dominic Moya Sr.

Bike: 2000 Harley Davidson Roadking

City/State: Espanola, New Mexico

Club: Prestigious Car Club

Engine: 1450 cc, Trual Dual Samson Exhaust, 39 in Burly Beach Bars, Power Commander, J&M Audio, Chromite Cables

Paint: Paygan Gold by: Eli Martinez, Pinstripes / Leafing / Murals by: Mario Moya

Suspension: Progressive lowering shocks

Tires: 21-inch and 16-inch Avon Tires.

Wheels: 21-inch DNA Diamond Cut, 16-inch rear.