For 19-year-old Martin Zamora, Jr. of Brawley, California, Lowriding is not just a hobby; it’s a way of life. This is what happens when you grow up in the Lowrider scene with your father being one of the founding members of La Gente car club Del Valle Imperial. Martin has been a lifetime member as well, so it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about Lowriding. The more he was exposed to his fellow club members, the more Martin learned so he decided to take on a bike project of his own, which carries a theme from the Pirates of The Caribbean movies.

Martin Jr.’s build started off with the solid tag team of father and son setting up to build a bike that would embody that design, but not copy it. “I wanted it to be pirate-themed; not to be known as “The Pirates of the Caribbean bike” said Jr. The bike frame is originally a 1978 Schwinn bicycle which was given as a custom-made gift by his Nino, Franco Figueroa, and it was created at Franco’s Custom Body Shop from Brawley, CA. The build started with a 3-inch rake to the neck, which gives the bike that gangster lean. The center post was cut and pirate sails were added. Half-mooned fenders with skulls popping out also helps give off a 3-D effect. Franco also molded the front tubes, took off the seat and put on a skull and body. While working everything smoothly, Franco handled paint duties as well, spraying a solid silver jumbo flake base before shooting it with a unique mix of reds to create the color he named “Candy Blood Red.” “I then took it to Frank, of Graffik Graffiti from Brawley, to add a touch of realism,” Martin explains. Frank used blue and purple pearls to make the skulls come alive. Martin later added two realistic prosthetic eyes to tie it all in. Chroming was done by A.B.A from South of the Border in Mexicali. All the gold plating was done by Showtime Gold Plating, which is owned by Martin and his father. “I also took the 140 spoke baby Dayton spokes off one-by-one to spray them the same color as the bike and before setting them back up,” Jr. explained with a smile. Parts were engraved by Herman Engraving out of Montclair, CA. Custom pirate skull and crossbone pedals were water jet cut by Krazy Kutting out in Yuma, AZ. After all was said and done, Martin Jr. was hitting shows and winning Best of Show honors everywhere he could.

“I want to give thanks to my Dad, Mom, Sister, and fellow club members for all their help and support. I want to send a special shout out to Freddy and Daniel Cornejo for their help as well,” Martin says. Well done, Martin!