Summer 2013 Reverberation

The number one question I have been answering since our last issue has been when are you coming out with more issues. Trust me, your message has come across loud and clear. Here you go! Better buy two, three, or more copies because when they are gone, they are gone. No mas!

It seems there has been an explosion of Rev style motorcycles popping up in the most unlikely of places. While our magazine focuses on bikes mostly from California and the Southwest, the popularity of the style is worldwide. We have received e-mails and letters from literally all over the world praising the look and culture of the bikes. Since our last issue, we have been approached by some of the biggest names and companies in the motorcycle industry asking how they can be more a part of the Revolucion! I feel honored and blessed to be a small part of the spreading of the word to the world of what you the readers are doing in your own backyards and garages.

I have since moved from the Lowrider team to become the Editor of Hot Bike Magazine. This move has rekindled my 18-year plus love affair with two wheels and gotten me even more seat time behind the bars. A quick scan of the masthead will let you know that a lot the Lowrider staff still has a heavy grip on the magazine. It’s this talented group of writers and photographers that makes Rev such a family affair. Like a bunch of long lost relatives, team Rev comes together when called upon. Revolucion is additional work for all of us on top of our normal job duties and we do it because we want to, not have to. So please be patient if response times to Facebook messages and e-mails isn’t as quick as it should be.

In this issue we have given you MORE bikes and MORE women! We have tried hard to bring you bikes from all over including Northern and Southern California, Hawaii, New Mexico and Kentucky! We have three show coverages and expanded our coverage of Rev style bikes to include a new section called Under The Influence. These bikes might not 100% hit the mark of what is considered a traditional lowrider motorcycle, but have definitely been influenced by them either in paint, wheels or simply a low to the ground stance and attitude. Who knows you may even find a few influences for your own next project or build. We go in depth on the engraving process with one of the best in the business Engrave It Inc. And most proudly we sit down with the original Chicano Rider, Bob Morales, the true to life legendary brother of Richie Valens. I know it’s been a long road for us to get us back, but I hope it was worth the wait.

John Zamora